Monday, October 29, 2012

Memoirs of a Train Journey!

Why so reluctant, why so hesitant???
the feeling- I am stuck or is this liberty??
an enigmatic feel grips me
dwindled with flashes of pleasure and sullenness.

Faces unknown that no memories behold
had kept me fascinated all the way long.
Rippling arches in the river that passed by
shimmered under the light like a city of blinding lights.

Roads ran parallel to me
and left me in a deep sigh- would they ever cross me further?
Lands at places with plush green growth
and at others with cracks and crevices
that signaled to me of the ways of life.

At places one or two, there was even a rare sense of dejavu
but i failed to figure out a connection through my memory.
Musical notes were struck by a million nuts and bolts
the monotony of which even lullabied me at times.

A quarter more to go, and then this journey ends
but  the cliche goes-  "every end's a new start"
And as I think to put an end to penning down my thoughts';
.....I am startled by the streak of light at the end of the tunnel.
and that's when I know
its time to cocoon out into this bright new world!!


Sunday, October 28, 2012


She tries hard to grow out of it.
Every time that thought hits her
her heart cringes;
 but no one should know; she minds that
In this journey,
She feels lost, and waits for that single turn
which can take her to places unknown
and then she could christen herself anonymous
never would have to know any”one” or “thing”
till the very end.