Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Crash – Check !!

Dilli ki Sardi”as they say
Has its own fervour per se
But then the extra seasoning to this setting
Are for sure the big fat Indian weddings
The gleaming lights
And the shying bride
The bling of gold
Is dulled by her mother’s pride
The groom’s procession arrives
And you are in for some desi jazz salsa and jive
The hoity-toities in their haute couture  
And poor aunties busy hunting for their girl’s suitor.
And of course there’s that one family member
whose weird actions, on this day,  escape all cover.
Its USP – the gourmet feast
Believe it or not – half the crowd are there only for this treat.
so we were there too,
though without an invite;
guided by our gluttony
and predicting the consequences of being caught with every bite.
We noticed a few more like us
And mumbled –“these ones didn’t even bother to deck up”
After a few smiles wasted at the random guests of the event
We were pretty much comfortable in the auspicious segment.
Though , most of the time of splurging on desserts
Was spent escaping the camera man
We managed a decent exit as per our proposed plan.
I had this one on my bucket list for long;
Felony – it might be,
but indulgence was worth a shot,
And that’s how I crashed a wedding for the first time and the last.

                                                                                      - 23rd January, 2013