Monday, June 23, 2014


(p.c. - )

I am a man on the pyre,
rethinking and resigning my desires
In the last bit
gathering all my wit,
Wrapped in the finest silk
they set me ablaze.
My thoughts get miasmatic
while the smoke from the pyre adds to the haze.
I lie on the stack of their prayers of solace
Though peace has done away with me
and my bits are running astray.
My memoirs still greasy with recollections
of times sane and insane
the umpteen journeys on trains
love and other drugs that had me tamed
and the confessions I admit to, now..
Yes.. I was the one to be blamed.
The futility of those hassles, I now realise
I wish I had acted a tad bit wise.
They used to say there’d be a light
That entraps and teleports one to the flipside
I see none,
May be since I am yet undone
With the sands and sun and rivers and plains
And that unfinished conversation between you and me
on why rainbows follow the rains.