Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Befikar Umar Bhar

I am a huge fan of Morgan Freeman and I religiously watch almost all his movies.  So among his 107 actor credits listed on IMDB, it becomes difficult to pick out a favorite. Yet there is one that I never fail to scroll down to in my list of evergreens - The Bucket List. It is a tale of two terminally ill cancer patients who decide on hitting the road to accomplish their to-do list of wish things. This idea led me to compile my own bucket list. Now the moment I sat to think of the things I would want to do before I die, my head was caught in the white noise of a zillion wish things rushing in. So I decided on maintaining a brevity on this list and prioritize the top five things I would do,  given the liberty of shedding all inhibitions and constraints.
The first one on this list is a trip to the country with the highest score on the Happy Planet Index – Costa Rica (http://www.happyplanetindex.org/countries/costa-rica/) . This sun-kissed nation seated in Central America has kept me intrigued since I was a sixth grader glued to Globe Trekker series aired on Discovery Channel. Apart from offering an amazing blend of nature and culture, this tiny nation is also home to several eco-tourism, archaeological and World Heritage sites.
The second item on my list also conforms to my love for travel. Travelling comes with an added pleasure and satiation when there is a purpose added to it. I learnt this when I happened to teach voluntarily for a few days at a school on my trips to one of the rural villages. The exchange of ideas with the kids there and making them aware of the world outside their little hamlet somehow added more meaning to that trip. I wish to take it up in a more organised manner and draw more experience out of those places apart from the touristy bit.
 I like writing and have been trying my hands at Hindi poetry but I want to take a step ahead to Urdu. With ample time at my hands, I would love to read and learn Urdu so that it enables me to reflect in that beautiful language.
I have a deep rooted love for water-bodies and the only thing that keeps me away from it is a fiasco that happened in one of my swimming classes. After an almost near-death experience, I developed a fear of water and I really wish I could overcome it to be a water-baby again.
The final one on my list has to be a fulfillment of my love for gastronomy. I can easily rate myself on the list of an avid food enthusiast. However, when it comes to cooking, that art yet needs to be marveled. I want to study the molecular gastronomy of food and use this science to work on my culinary skills. Of course the wish for access to swanky kitchen accessories for the purpose goes unsaid.
The  IDBI Federal Lifesurance offers insurance plans that can help one accomplish their wish items on the bucket list.