Sunday, October 28, 2012


And it dawns upon me today
After a few tastings at these buffets
The curries across the country’s axes
Or mashed potatoes at that hippie hamlet
The chicken, fish, lamb or crab….
I doted on them – whether they came grilled, braised or “kebab”ed
The “Chinatown” too needs a special mention
Cause without them the starters never seemed so awesome.
The breads with those condiments
Across the different continents…
Call it chutney or sauce
The diversity and scope of combination is immense
Fancy them with that steaming ‘chai ki chuski’
Or make it go green if you want to fit into that tee
For that morning kick,
Settle in for some espressos or cappuccinos
And if you don’t mind the tipsy bit
Choose for yourself from the range of spirits.
Not to mention the desserts on the run...
And there drops out of my mouth - the cliche “yum”
There are crepes and crumbles, the pastry and the pie
The French fondue or the Indian “mithai
With fruits, syrup, chocolate or cream
It sure is every gourmet’s dream
There’s still so much out there to try
To tingle your buds or at times to make your guts cry ;)
Whoops!….this self-confessed Epicurean just realized
Heavens !! those extra calories need to be shed with some exercise.


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