Monday, April 14, 2014

THEIR Confined Spaces

(P.C. -
Grace these They(s)!
Cause they spoke Latin and
THEY spoke French.
Cause their choices were regular 
and too conformed to regular conformities
But then for THEM….choices THEY had none
THEY had desires…to not conform, not give up 
and not just live but LIVE.
They were inflicted upon by the shutterbugs and the buzz;
While THEYs remained deafened to the buzz and
The shutterbugs never bugged them.
They tried to mould THEY,
cast THEM into one of their own
Not that THEY were a rebel
THEY were too fond of they to do so
But then….THEY were ruled by hearts
Hearts not too be tamed
Not to be blamed;
Hearts that would ride away into the wilderness
And vanish only to be found
By the ones in THEIR Confined Spaces!

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