Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Healthy Concoction for a Happy Home

My Grandmother passed away the year before at the age of 98. Apart from the old-age related memory loss in her last 2-3 years, she never had any sort of clinical problems. Her immunity was way better than anyone in my generation despite her age. Come winters, and we were the ones getting cranky about taking a bath or a non-functional geyser while her daily chores did not go a wee bit haywire. She used to wake up at 4a.m. and take a bath with the water running from the tap at freezing temperatures and carry on with her chores. If I did the same, I was found coughing, sneezing or walking around with my inhaler the next day. I missed certain family events, and important exams, as well due to this. This irked my Grandmother and then one fine day she caught hold of me and forced two spoonful of a sour tangy fluid down my throat. Intimidated by her, I had no choice but to gulp that liquid down. She made me have it for a month on a daily basis and I felt the change and so did the others around me. My attendance at school was almost 100%; neither had I missed any of the sports meet-ups with my friends. In fact my family doctor paid me a visit to ensure if I was keeping fit since I had not taken an appointment with him for almost a month.
Surprised by this sudden improvement in my health, when my mother asked Grandmother what had she been giving me to drink; she plainly replied that it was only Amla juice. It is known to build up the immunity and also keeps hair and skin healthy due to its high Vitamin C content. My mother also recalled from her childhood memories that she was also given an amalgamation of amla and certain other ingredients by her mother which served as a major immunity booster. Then my grandmother took out a little handbook from her trunk which had the contents of Chyawanprash listed in it and both the ladies decided on preparing it. I was made to run the errand of fetching the ingredients from the market but I could not find them all at the store since most were ayurvedic herbs which are difficult to procure in a regular city. It was then that the shopkeeper got hold of my list and said that the Chyawanprash from Dabur already had those ingredients and many more. I made a thoughtful purchase and since then, everyone in my family has been taking Dabur Chyawanprash on a daily basis and our medical bills have gone down evidently.

The website answers to all the queries on the product. Also all the facts stated about the efficacy of the product are based on pr-clinical trials. Dabur also came up with a sugarfree variant of the product for diabetics and for the nagging kids they have launched the mango and mixed flavours which offer a delicious blend of immunity for the kids. Healthy mind resides in a healthy body and instilling health in the young ones was never as easy with this concoction from Dabur.

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