Saturday, March 14, 2015

One fine day

This anecdote goes back to last year when I was suffering from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). The disease is as weird as it sounds. Google gives you a clinical description of the symptoms but essentially this disease rendered me bed-ridden since I could not walk straight due to some dislodged otoliths wrecking the balancing mechanisms of my body. The extremities of the vertigos were such that even the medicine I took was called Spinfree. After a steady recovery, my doctor advised me to start moving. Having been stuck in bed without television or laptop for a fortnight, I was dying to catch up with my social circuit. One of my best friends lived nearby. So my folks permitted me to drop down to her place for a day. I reached her hideout and she had an itinerary laid out for me. A couple of other friends were also there to surprise me. So they decided to take me out for brunch at a cafĂ© in the neighbourhood.  The moment I got out of the residence to hop in the car, I started feeling giddy again. The doctor had advised me to gradually start with limited movements in order to avoid the vertigo from hitting again. So my friends took me inside the house and we cancelled on the outing. I was disappointed and took to one corner of the living room to recuperate from the vertigo. My friends must have caught a whiff of my disappointment on cancellation of the brunch. I had dozed off in the nook of the room and the moment I snapped out of the nap, I found my friends strutting around the kitchen. They were fixing up a brunch for me. The recipes of sandwiches and salads were being googled for and these guys were in action with the cutlery in the house. In fact, even I was assigned a recipe- Fruit Cream. I do that one really well. So I was given a bowl of fruits and whipped cream to prepare it. Finally we sat down for lunch with all the dishes laid out. We hogged over the food having starved for long. Next, a friend prepared tea and we sat down to watch our old time favourite series – Friends. I had completely forgotten about the weird BPPV in the midst of all the fun and frolic. The disease had weighed me down physically and emotionally because of being isolated for a long time. The warmth of this get together filled me with a sense of optimism. When I returned home, my parents were as relieved and happy to see me in high spirits. It was the power of being together with my loved ones that gave me an incomparable strength and I managed a speedy recovery.

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