Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The New Life

Moving from a small city in Jharkhand to Delhi in itself was a huge change for me. It was my late teens when my parents moved to Greater Noida in the NCR. Now Greater Noida lies technically in NCR, but commuting from there to my college took around 2 hours. So I spent 4 hours a day travelling on the various means of transport. It used to wear me out till the end of the day and by the time I reached home, I had no time and energy left at hands for any other activity. Having practised this schedule for two months, I was left completely exhausted and I decided to take a rented accommodation near my college itself.  This was a going to be a major step for me. A huge chunk of teenager kids move from home to a hostel mode of life at some point of time but I was this self-confessed single spoiled brat back then, used to being spoon-fed and pampered in the homegrown environment. Moving to a hostel meant becoming self-sufficient, responsible and organised. By the time I had started looking for hostel accommodation, most of the decent options had already been acquired for that session. I found a twin-sharing room which could just contain enough oxygen to sustain two. Had a third person come in, there could have been a SOS situation due to oxygen deficit. My roommate was this girl from sophomore year of physical education course. Her stance was intimidating enough for me to restrict my activities only to my designated half of the room. It was only after spending two weeks with her, I realised that she was an endearing soul. I had grown home-sick within that period and almost quit eating the oil-soaked disgusting meals provided there. She must have noticed this and she cooked a delicious  porridge for me on that weekend. This gesture brought tear to my eyes. I found washing clothes very cumbersome, but she used to join me on our laundry sessions which made the entire procedure so much fun. I was beginning to notice the change in me. I had become more organised. No more did I need anyone to hover over me in order to get up from the bed. I had a structured routine and the good part was that I was enjoying this change in me. I even picked up on a new hobby courtesy my roommate. I discovered my love for food, not just gorging over it but also reading about it and preparing some simple recipes as well. 
The sense of independence was satiating in a very refreshing way. It helped me grow out of that immature brat kid into a much better person. Though I got rid of that dingy accommodation in the next session itself but I guess that place was meant for my greater good.
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